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FDA issues warning about consuming food prepared with liquid nitrogen

CNN (8/30, Drash) reports on its website that the Food and Drug Administration “issued a safety alert Thursday, warning consumers about the potential dangers of eating food prepared with liquid nitrogen.” FDA spokesman Peter Cassell said in a statement, “The FDA is aware of increased reports of injuries associate with foods prepared with liquid nitrogen and is working with stakeholders to better understand the use of liquid nitrogen in foods at retail food establishments.”

FDA recalls homeopathic products over water contamination concerns

USA Today (8/30, Snider) reports King Bio, a homeopathic drug maker, is recalling all of its products that use water over concerns of possible contamination with “several microbial contaminants.” USA Today explains, “The FDA, which recently inspected and collected samples at King Bio’s facility, contacted the company earlier this week to recommend recalling all products that include water.”

CNN (8/30, Goldschmidt) reports the products include “symptom relievers for ear infections, coughs, chicken pox, cold sores, warts, styes, swollen glands, snoring and tremors, appetite enhancers, attention and learning enhancers, and body detox,” among others.

Newsweek (8/30, Gander) reports the company “said microbes including burkholderia multivorans, which can cause serious respiratory infections in individuals with weak immune systems, were found at the facility.” Infants, children, pregnant women “and those with weak immune systems are at particular risk of contracting life-threatening illnesses” due to the contaminants.


Screen time limits also needed for parents, experts say

Reuters (8/30, Crist) reports, “As much as children need limits on their smartphone use and screen time on other devices, parents” also “need ‘off-hours’ time, too, according to a new resource published” online in JAMA Pediatrics. Reuters adds, “‘Parental screen time can reduce face-to-face interaction that is vital to children’s emotional and intellectual development,’ said Dr. Jennifer Shu of Children’s Medical Group in Atlanta, who is also medical editor of the American Academy of Pediatrics consumer information website,”

The above news report was obtained in an email to me from the AMA.

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