Dairy is Healthy! (Confused yet?)

From the AMA:

“Whole-fat dairy may reduce CVD risk, research suggests

The New York Times (9/11, Bakalar) reports a study published in Lancet links “whole-fat dairy food consumption to a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease.” The results clash with “current dietary guidelines, which suggest substituting fat-free or low-fat dairy for full-fat products.” Researchers analyzed 136,384 people in 21 countries over an average of nine years.

TIME (9/11, Ducharme) reports, “The research suggests that eating dairy products of all kinds is associated with a lower risk of premature death, cardiovascular disease and stroke.” Study co-author Mahshid Dehghan, a nutrition epidemiology researcher at the Population Health Research Institute in Canada, said, “We are suggesting that dairy is healthy, and people should be encouraged to consume dairy.” The study found that “compared to people who didn’t eat dairy, those who consumed more than two servings per day had lower total mortality rates (3.4% versus 5.6%) and cardiovascular mortality rates (0.9% versus 1.6%).””

I must say, it is challenging to say the least, to attempt to “eat healthy.” I return to a simple mantra every time I read these kinds of reports: all things in moderation. There seems to be a constant generation of conflicting information in this world. But regardless, it seems logical that moderating one’s intake of all things is reasonable. At the least, read reports such as the one above with a skeptical eye and use the information judiciously as you attempt to manage your own health.

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