Low dose aspirin holds no benefit?

This may be good news. Speak with your doctor. All “blood thinners” raise the risk of adverse events such as intestinal bleeding. If there is no clinical benefit to a medical regimen, such as low dose aspirin, why take it? Everything we do has unintended consequences, whether herbal remedy or prescribed medication. Know your risks and benefits. Be informed.

As reported by the AMA:

“Research finds no benefit of low-dose aspirin for primary prevention”

“The Washington Post (9/16, Bernstein) reported that research indicates “a regimen of low-dose aspirin offers healthy, older people no benefit in staving off cardiovascular disease, dementia or disability and increases their risk of bleeding in the digestive tract and brain.” The findings were published in three articles in the New England Journal of Medicine. To view the NEJM articles, click herehere, and here.

NBC News (9/16, Carroll) reported on its website that “the new research reinforces the results from a study published in late August, which found that daily low-dose aspirin was too risky to be prescribed to patients at moderate risk of heart disease.””

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