HPV Vaccine and Promiscuity are Opposing Forces


From what I can tell, teens nowadays are even more vigilant about unsafe behavior than past generations. They are absorbed in their electronic devices to a degree that physical interactions are minimized. The natural offshoot of this behavior is a decrease in sexually transmitted diseases. I’m no epidemiologist, but these anecdotal observations correlate with the following report summaries and may bode well for the health of our children.


Here’s the recent AMA Daily comment on HPV vaccine:

Getting HPV vaccine does not increase risky sex among teens, research suggests

USA Today (10/15, Haller) reports a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that teens do not make poor sexual choices after getting the HPV vaccine. USA Today adds that the FDA “announced that the HPV vaccine is expanding for use for adults up to age 45.”

Reuters (10/15, Carroll) reports that the research suggests “vaccinated girls may actually be less likely to start sex younger, less likely to have more sexual partners, and less likely to ignore safe-sex methods.” To test the effects of the vaccine, researchers examined data and surveys following the Canadian province of British Columbia’s implementation of a publicly-funded HPV vaccination program in schools for girls beginning in 2008.

HealthDay (10/15, Norton) reports the research “findings align with smaller studies from the United States and Europe.”

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